my dumb face


I’m Jason, a software developer and maker

I can solve all some one of your problems, ok?

I design and build creations, large & small, digital & physical.

Dreaming of something incredible?

Lets talk.

What have I made?

The Donor Sibling Registry community engagement platform

The DSR is the hub for donor-conceived people, their families, and interested donors. Members are able to connect with each other and share their experiences. The site has a thriving userbase, but was built in PHP in the early 2000's, patched multiple times over the years, and in desperate need of a rebuild.

  • Extensively analyzed the old site's code, to be able to replicate functionality on the new site.
  • Sanitized, normalized, and migrated legacy data that hadn't been pruned in decades.
  • Leveraged refreshed data to rewrite and optimize slow queries, as well as run reporting and metrics queries for the first time.
  • Moved devops concerns into Google Cloud Platform, with version control, configuration management, full-coverage testing, and automated deploys.
  • Championed UX and performed functional UI design with an inexperienced client.
  • Walked with client toward a new, modernized vision of the website while still delivering their on-spec requirements.
  • Worked within the tightly constrained budget of a non-profit.

The Bellwether Coffee zero-emission app-controlled coffee roaster

Bellwether's product is an internet-connected, zero-emission ventless coffee roaster. It can be used by professional baristas and amatures alike, and allows coffee shops to manage precise temperature curves for specific coffee flavor profiles. The roaster is controlled by iPad app, and has a companion web application to allow Bellwether to manage their clients.

  • Problem: Complex web of fractured, buggy components that didn’t talk to each other. Similarly confused internal team needed a better way to understand and work with this system.
  • Solution: Create an integrated and simplified system between roaster and companion apps that works seamlessly for both internal users and external users.
  • Led the ongoing development of iPad and web apps.
  • Designed API specifications to integrate disparate system components.
  • Debugged complex interaction between coffee roaster embedded hardware, *nix bridge, iPad and web app.
  • Collaborated with designers, suggested UI improvements, and implemented those designs for both web and iPad apps.
  • Managed client relations and kept project on track with a regular cadence of check-ins, status updates, and timeline of deliverables.

The SparkFun Electronic business logistics & enterprise resource management software

Online electronics e-commerce shop, resource for educators, and learning resource for electronics hobbyists

  • Scope of work: Contribute to the creation, management, and improvement of a fully custom in-house PHP enterprise resource planning software that managed all aspects of the business: web storefront, tutorials, videos, learning resources, inventory management, production, tracking, shipping and fulfillment.
  • Rebuilt shipping API from scratch, before shipping APIs were a thing, transitioning legacy SOAP API to restful API for all major shipping carriers.
  • Worked with shipping department to ensure regulatory compliance, like lithium battery rules. As a first-of-its-kind integration, worked directly with FedEX and UPS to ensure requirements and specifications were being met.
  • Built internal platform for education department to build their own courses and learning programs to share with the internet.
  • Designed parameterized search (an uncommon thing at this time) for web storefront.
  • Designed associated data specification for storing and displaying that information within search.

What do I know?

  • Languages

  • PHP 10/10
  • Ruby 8/10
  • JavaScript 7/10
  • Java 5/10
  • Rust 3/10
  • Swift 4/10
  • Haskell 2/10
  • Libraries

  • Vue.js 6/10
  • Rails 9/10
  • Angular 1 5/10
  • WordPress 10/10
  • Zola 10/10
  • Node.js 6/10
  • Drupal 9/10
  • Spring 3/10
  • Laravel 8/10
  • Tailwind 10/10
  • Tools

  • Postgres 9/10
  • MySQL 10/10
  • AWS 7/10
  • Google Cloud 5/10
  • Docker 5/10
  • Ansible 6/10
  • *nix 7/10
  • nginx 5/10
  • Apache 7/10
  • iOS 6/10
  • Sketch 10/10
  • Photoshop 10/10
  • Microsoft Word ☹️ 1/10
  • IRL

  • Woodworking 6/10
  • Electrical Wiring 4/10
  • Electronics 2/10
  • Snowboarding 9/10
  • Mountain Biking 7/10
  • Car Engine Stuff 2/10
  • Board Games 10/10

What can I do?

Congratulations on making it this far! You must be very interested at this point.

Great news, I am currently looking for more work! I am looking for front-end, back-end, and database projects. Projects that need help getting over the finish line. Projects that are solving multi-system problems. Projects that can benefit from a remote, adaptable programmer with excellent communication skills. And any other creation under the sun!

Who even am I?

My dumb head

I’ve always loved building things, from CNC-routered wheels of fortune, to sound-reactive LED totem poles. I have a very healthy, definitely-not-concerning obsession with organizing things into bins. I’m self-taught (and self-sabotaging) and like learnin’ stuff.

And I spend a lot of time going down mountains on various wheels and planks.

I guess you might be here hoping I can do some programming, and yes I do a lot of that too. Does it come with LEDs or bins?